Research Publications


Megan Finn. Documenting Aftermath: Information Infrastructures in the Wake of Disasters. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. October 2018.

I am grateful that my book has been reviewed in the following essays:

Selected Publications

Megan Finn, “Heroic Repair: Labor and Disaster,” Communication + 1, 8(1), 2021.

Megan Finn and Quinn DuPont, “From Closed World Discourse to Digital Utopianism: The Changing Face of Responsible Computing at Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility (1981-1992),” Internet Histories 4(1): 6-31, 2020.

Mike Ananny and Megan Finn, “Anticipatory News Infrastructures: Seeing journalism’s expectations of future publics in its sociotechnical systems,” New Media and Society, 22(9), 1600–1618.

Megan Finn, Daniela K. Rosner, Suzanne Black, Nathan Cunningham, Kristin N. Dew, Josephine Hoy, Kevin McCraney, and Colin Morgan, “Troubled Worlds:  A Course Syllabus about Information Work and the Anthropocene,” Journal of Critical Library and Information Science 3(1): 1-24, 2020.

Megan Finn, “Information Infrastructure and Resilience in American Disaster Plans,” in The Sociotechnical Constitution of Resilience: A New Perspective in Managing Risk and Disaster, edited by Sulfikar Amir. Palgrave MacMillan. 2018.

Janaki Srinivasan, Megan Finn and Morgan Ames, “Information determinism: The consequences of the faith in information,The Information Society 33(1): 13-22, 2017.

Megan Finn and Elisa Oreglia, “A Fundamentally Confused Document: Situation Reports and the Work of Producing Humanitarian Information,” Proceedings of Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW), March 2016. [Winner, Best Paper Award.]

Kate Crawford and Megan Finn. “The limits of crisis data: analytical and ethical challenges of using social and mobile data to understand disasters,” GeoJournal. November 2014.

Megan Finn, Janaki Srinivasan, Rajesh Srinivasan. “Seeing with Paper: Government documents and material participation,” Materiality of information, documents and work Mini-track. HICCS. January 2014. [Winner of best paper award in the “Digital and Social Media” track.]

Megan Finn. “Information Infrastructure and Descriptions of the 1857 Fort Tejon Earthquake. Information and Culture: a Journal of History 48(2), May 2013.

Daniel Kreiss, Megan Finn, and Fred Turner. “The Limits of Peer Production: Some Reminders from Max Weber for the Network Society.”  New Media & Society. 13(2) 243-259, 2011.